Check out these Great Items! Wine and Fondue!

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Auction Items

Wine! Wine! Wine!    
Everyone loves a day of wine tasting, and your experience with Grand Cru Wine Tours will be especially memorable! Eight friends will ride thorough the heart of Willamette Valley wine country in a specially designed van with leather seats and plenty of leg room. You’ll appreciate the ability to interact with your knowledgeable driver as you travel between four unique wineries. Tastings are included at each spot, along with a cheese tray, lunch, and a chocolate tray!

This package also includes a 8-bottle wine cooler – filled with wine!
Generously donated by Joe and Ruth Kenoyer.  Thank you also Grand Cru Wine Tours!

Fondue Party!
Come to this fabulous dinner for six with large appetites! You’ll be treated to scrumptious appetizers, cocktails, authentic cheese fondue and wine – but save room for the chocolate fondue dessert! Whether you’re already friends or total strangers, the Aeschlimans will welcome you into their home and provide an evening of fun and fellowship!
Mutually agreed-upon dates.
Generously donated by Jeff and Margaret Aeschliman.


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