CFC Royal Family!

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Auction Items, Uncategorized

CFC Royal Family  
Purchase this valuable package and be crowned the CFC Royal Family! Included are exclusive VIP parking (“This spot reserved for the ___________ family”), an INDOOR bathroom pass for everyone, free tickets for two to next year’s auction, and a photo of your Royal Family in next year’s program!

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive TWO hours of private or group soccer lessons from none other than the OYSA Competitive Coach of the Year, CFC’s own Ignacio Baez! CFC teams have earned NINE (ELEVEN??) Oregon state championships for the Club under Ignacio’s leadership!

Last but far from least, this deluxe package includes:

An ultimate oasis of soccer fan supplies!
2 hours of field time at Salem Indoor Soccer
CFC’s new mascot, “Striker,” will attend one of your home games and root for your team
CFC spirit wear for the whole family
Generously donated by CFC, the CFC Fusion team, and Ignacio Baez. Value – Priceless!

2011 Royalty


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